SIA f ( seal tortie point)

Boariks - the queen of the Huns-Savirs, freedom-loving and self-sustained

She is the quintessence of  Siamese Spirit!

It's difficult to imagine the more human-oriented, adherent and talkative cat. 

If it is true that cats sleep 16 hours a day, then the remaining 8 she talks, and in such a grating voice that was nicknamed Thumbelina.  

May be you remember, in our early childhood is was such a little mechanical toy for girls - fabulous character who emerged from the water lily flower, if you pull the lever. It sounded unforgettably rasping! 

Siamese-Pure siamese pedigree
SIA a (blue point)
A glutton of curious and over-the-top fascinating mademoiselle! A born mountain-climber! Just as it belongs to a true Frenchwoman – a one in a thousand gourmands.
Behind her uncommonly sweetheart cutey and tiny figure a votary of private property hides. “I do not need any other’s property; however I will never give mine!” – this motto has been well learnt by adult cats and particularly by read-eared Lord Rory, unaccustomed to any denial (we, ourselves, hardly believe in it).
A lot of thanks to Corinna, Aline and the Kelvink’s family on the whole for being welcomed as kings, for cordiality, a great variety of useful pieces of advice, opportunity to see with our eyes the life in the model breeding cattery and for the so long-waited, blue-eyed and lop-eared beauty! You are always welcomed to come and see us!