World Ch. Mafdet Red Rory (Rorick)

Siamese-Pure siamese pedigree
SIA d 21 (red point)
Bernbecks Masterpiece
Mafdet Lavenderblue
GB United Kingdom
Carol and Ron Bowles-Gowdy
Сo-ownership with Anastassia Lialkina
Neutered / PRA negative
An unbelievable creature! A very cheerful, hyper-social and highly active tom-cat with the extremely strong charisma. He has been successful already to make both cat-lovers and cat-haters to fall in love with him. He shows no respect to elderly cats, their life experience. The most indisputable authority for him in the Universe is He Himself.
A Tub of the Universe is working during the whole day to a very tight schedule: to have some food (his gourmet preferences sometimes have a deep sense of shock – vegetable salads, porridges, home-made baking, i.e. everything that can be stolen from our table and the food, the cats never eat).
In the break time between arrangements of the culinary wish-list it is needed to ram attack Gnus and have the time to masterly retreat from the punishing paw of the latter. To attack a sock and win. To arrange the run competition with Niacrice and also to win. To modernize the home appliances, turning wire head-phones into wireless. To climb on somebody’s knees to have a grunt. Sometimes there is no time to take a nap.
Breath-taken tender cat with the staggering stable state of mind. Handsome. Big-eared. Has a long tail. Fearless. An ace!
Carol and Ron! Thanks a lot for your warm welcome, care and help during my visit to England as well as for patience (considering my zero knowledge of English) and for the sweet sunny little hare with the pink nose!